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Equality in freedom of speech

Future of Singapore (FOS) is primarily an internet forum where serious topics affecting Singapore, its neighbouring countries, the Indo-Pacific region and world affairs are discussed.

Everything that happens in the world affects Singapore. There is evidence of global economic stagnation due to gross inequality. China is slowing down. Destabilisation is evident; political upheavals and climate induced catastrophes abound. Cross border environmental pollution impacts our air quality. Cost of living increases, inflation affects affordability. Singapore is entering a period of serious uncertainty. The Singapore government and the mass media refrain from panicking the populace. The thinking community has a duty to educate themselves and the populace as to the realities involved. Only intelligent understanding can lead to creative, caring and committed responses necessary to cohesively face the future together. It is for this purpose that FOS is initiated.

We start this initiative with a conversation with the outspoken public intellectual, Tay Kheng Soon.

Ideas have impact! Future videos will discuss:

How hawker food culture can be sustained? How students can be book-smart and life-smart? How our HDB estates can become a brain? How we can prevent haze? Singapore economy: Doing well by doing good! How a citizen's dividend can be achieved?

FOS is an independent think-tank, a nonpartisan research and discussion forum led by a team of resourceful people with expertise and knowledge on specific topics and ability to elucidate their interrelated implications.

FOS Resource Panel:

Yeoh Lam Keong - formerly chief economist GIC Linda Lim – economist, Ross Business School, Michigan Tan Cheng Bock – doctor, former MP with focus on aging and health Hassan Ahmad – humanitarian relief, formerly head Mercy Relief Lee Eng Lock – engineer, expert on energy efficiency Kevin Tan – lawyer, constitutional law and legal issues Tay Kheng Soon – architect, planning built environment Lai Chee Lien – architect, urban heritage and the arts Jen Shek Voon – accountant, financial adviser, formerly with Ernst and Young Kirpal Singh - professor of literature, education


FOS is an independent think-tank, a nonpartisan research and discussion forum led by a team of resourceful people with expertise and knowledge on specific topics and ability to elucidate their  interrelated implications.

It is open to all Singapore citizens whether residing in Singapore or overseas. Everyone participates as an independent individual.  

The Administrator of FOS shall be the ombudsman who shall adjudicate on the admissibility of a post.

The flow of ideas will be collated by topic and be retained and be available online. 

FACILITATORS: The facilitators will serve each for a specific term and retire and be replaced in turn according to a declared operating charter. There shall be a resource panel of experts on each of the topic areas made up of eminent persons known for their independence and integrity. Facilitators are initially self-appointed.

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