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Faizah served as a Nominated Member of Parliament since from Feb 2012 to Aug 2014, after a successful nomination by Nature Society Singapore, specifically to represent environment concerns in Parliament, drawing from the strength of her diverse backgrounds in law, environment and holistic education, and her involvement with environment advocacy  over the last 30 years.

Associate Professor R. Savage is the Honorary Vice-President of the Commonwealth Geographical Bureau (2009–2012); Deputy Director of the Masters in Environmental Management (MEM) programme; a member of the Campus Green Committee; Southeast Asian Advisor to the International Relations Office (IRO); a member of the NUS Environmental Studies Programme (BES); co-teaches a module annually in the NUS-Wuhan University Summer programme; member of the Campus Green Committee; Chair of the FASS Environmental Research cluster (2010 to present); member of the FASS Alumni and Corporate Relations Committee.

Rev Dr Yap was the first Asian Bishop of The Methodist Church in Malaysian and Singapore. Subsequently he served as General Secretary of the Christian Conference of Asia, an ecumenical organization of over a hundred churches and national council of churches in Asia. He holds Master of Divinity and Doctor of Theology degrees from Boston University and was honoured by them with a Distinguished Alumni Award in 1988.

Dr. Patrick Kee is a Palliative Medicine Specialist who is working part-time with the HCA Hospice Care Association and with the St Andrew's Community Hospital home care service. He has been caring for the terminally ill since 1990. He retired from General Practice in 2004 to care for the elderly and the dying.  He had published two books, Living Well In The Autumn Of Life and Living With Our Heavenly Father.

Chua Beng Huat

Provost Chair Professor, Faculty of Arts and Social Science, received his PhD from York University, Canada. He is concurrently Head, Department of Sociology, Convener Cultural Studies Programmes, FASS and Research Leader, Cultural Studies in Asia Research Cluster, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore.

Kirpal Singh

Associate Professor of English Literature and Director, Wee Kim Wee Center. His research interest creative thinking, cross-cultural issues, literature and representation of self

Constance Singam

A writer, a social activist, teacher, restauranter and a blogger.

Thum Pingtjin

Research Associate at the Centre for Global History and co-ordinator of Project Southeast Asia, University of Oxford. In 2015, he was elected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum

Jen Shek Voon

Manages his own public accounting practice. He was a former Audit Partner of Ernst & Young

Lai Chee Kien

Registered architect in Singapore, and researches on histories of art, architecture, settlements, urbanism and landscapes in Southeast Asia

Lee Eng Lock

British-educated engineer with a growing international reputation for an iconoclastic approach to the design and construction of Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems

Hassan Ahmad

Technical adviser to Corporate Citizen Foundation, formerly head of Mercy Relief

Linda YC Lim

Professor of Strategy at Michigan Ross, Her research focuses on the political economy of multinational and local business in Southeast Asia, including the changing international trade and investment environment, and the influence of domestic politics, economic policy and culture on business structure, strategy and operations.

Medical Doctor, Corporate Chairman and former Member of Parliament. His focus in FOS is in aging and healthcare

Tay Kheng Soon

Practising architect and adjunct professor at National University of Singapore's School of Architecture. He was president of the Singapore Institute of Architects and founding member and chairman of SPUR (Singapore Planning and Urban Research)

Kevin Tan

Adjunct  Professor of Law at NUS, Executive Director, Society of International Law, Singapore (1998-2003); Treasurer and then President of the Roundtable, a non-partisan political discussion group (1999-2002). President of the Singapore Heritage Society (2001-2011); Chairman of the Foundation for the Development of International Law in Asia (2006-2012).

Yeoh Lam Keong

Adjunct Professor at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, formerly Chief Economist, GIC.

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